Collection: Pup Collars

All pups need a quality collar to complete their outfit. A collar will help you to identify your pup, make sure it doesn’t get lost when you’re out for a walk and allow you to attach a leash for master-pup play.

Pup Hood Australia has a huge collection of pup collars for you to dress up your favourite pooch and train them to be obedient and satisfy your every need. We have pup collars in different colours and materials, collars with integrated leashes and chains, collars with attached bells and many more. 

Our pup collars are made from the highest-quality materials so your pup can wear their collar comfortably all day long without any irritation. They are easy to clean and look after and come with free shipping on all orders over $99.

Browse our full collection of pup collars and your little pooch will soon be wagging its tail in delight!