Collection: Pup Hoods

A pup hood is the single most important piece of attire in every pup play wardrobe. A quality pup hood will help you assume your role and take on a whole new pup identity.

Our range of pup hoods comes in different styles and designs so that you can completely customise your pup character. We have full-face pup hoods, hoods with attachable muzzles, zip-mouth sensory deprivation pup hoods, harness and hood combos and many, many more.

All of our pup hoods are made from the highest-quality spandex, neoprene and faux leather so they feel great, look amazing and are easy to clean and look after. Each pup hood is easily adjustable to fit everybody and can be worn comfortably for hours of pup play.

With free shipping over $79 and express shipping available on all our pup hoods at Pup Hood Australia, choose your favourite today and we will have it with you in two shakes of a puppy’s tail.