Collection: Pup Paws

Pups love to scurry around, run up and down and generally get up to all kinds of mischief. All this rough play can really take its toll on a poor pup’s hands which is why pup paws are must-have items for every pup play collection.

As Australia's largest store for pup hoods and accessories, we have a huge range of different pup paws to match every pooch’s outfit. We have lockable padded paws to keep your pup’s hands exactly where you want them, puppy paw restraint gloves for bondage play, beginner paw pup mitts with open fingers and ergonomic laced pup paws for maximum comfort. 

Pup paws can take some serious punishment so all our paws are made from the highest-quality materials to ensure that they are comfortable, durable and look absolutely adorable. 

With free shipping on all orders over $99, choose your favourite paws today and your little pooch will soon have everything they need for some naughty fun.