Must Buys for Anyone Interested in Pup Play

pup hood set and accessories

If you’re interested in diving into the world of pup play, you may find yourself overwhelmed with all the choices available to you. Keep on reading to learn more about different products that we recommend for beginners.

The Essentials

We strongly recommend that you pick up this pup play gear to make sure you can experience pup play sessions properly.

Pup Hoods

As a pup, your hood is the most important piece of gear for pup play. Putting on your hood gets you into the proper state of mind for pup play, and will allow you to easily assume your pup persona. Our Packleader Pup Hoods come in a wide variety of colours including blue, red, yellow, black and white, as well as in a set that comes with a body harness for pups that want to accessorise. You can find our full range of pup hoods here.

Pup Mitts

Real dogs have paws, so there’s no excuse for you to not have them either. Our Beginner Pup Paw Mitts are great for new pups, as they aren’t completely enclosed like other pup play mitts. Once you have gotten used to the limited use of your hands, you can think about moving onto fully enclosed mitts like our Pup Play Restraint Gloves, allowing you to further immerse yourself in pup play sessions. You can find our full range of pup play mitts here.

Pup Tails

There’s no better way for a dog to show their happiness and excitement than shaking their tail, which makes having one for pup play essential. We have pup tails in black and black/red, as well as glow in the dark options in green and pink.


The pup play gear listed here are great for enhancing your pup play sessions further.


Although dogs these days don’t strictly need a collar thanks to microchipping, they are still great for making your pup play more immersive. Our Good Boy Collar range is a good choice for pups wanting to accessorise further. We also have collars with attached leashes, perfect for going on walks with. You can find our full range of collars here.

Bone Gags

What dog doesn’t love getting a bone as a treat? Getting yourself a bone will give you something to look forward to when you’ve been a good pup. If you have a master, you’ll have to be a good boy and listen to them before you can enjoy your treat. Our Good Pup Bone Gag comes in a variety of colours.