Reasons why you should own multiple pup hoods

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You may think that you’ll only need one pup hood at a time but there are actually benefits to owning multiple pup hoods. Starting off with just one pup hood is fine, but you may get to a point where you start to think about whether you should get another hood or just stick with the one you have. 

If you are having trouble deciding on the amount of pup hoods you should own, keep on reading to learn more about why you should consider adding an extra pup hood or two to your collection.

Different Designs

There are many, many pup hoods out there for people to choose from. Having multiple pup hoods allows you to easily pick between different hoods depending on what you feel like wearing. Differences between pup hoods can include:

  • Colours
  • Face designs
  • Ears
  • Built in collar

Pup hoods are made using different materials, such as neoprene, rubber and leather. Pup hoods made from neoprene are lightweight and comfortable, making them more suited to long term wear. Rubber pup hoods have a distinct look, perfect for people who appreciate the BDSM look and feel. Leather pup hoods are more durable, perfect for someone who wants a hood that will last. Owning multiple pup hoods will also let you try out different designs and materials, which will allow you to learn more about the types of pup hoods that you like. This in turn will be able to guide any future purchases you make.


Owning multiple pup hoods is practical, especially if you partake in pup play regularly. Just like clothing, owning multiple pup hoods means that you have spare ones just in case something happens. This also means that if you forget to clean a pup hood after use, you can use another one instead of having to clean it last minute.


Owning different pup hoods allows you to match your hoods to your outfits more appropriately. A rubber pup hood will match the shine of BDSM attire, while leather hoods will nicely compliment a leather harness. Neoprene pup hoods usually have a larger range of colours, which will let you match it with colourful outfits that aren’t just black.

Matching Your Pup Identity

Just like in real life, you may be feeling different in your pup play sessions. Owning multiple pup hoods will allow you to pick one that accurately reflects your emotions and feelings on the day. 

Some enthusiasts may even have multiple puppy identities which definitely requires you to own multiple pup hoods, as wearing the same pup hood for different personas would take away from the roleplay experience.


At first thought you may only want to get one pup hood, but just like clothes and accessories there is definitely good reason to have more than one. Owning multiple pup hoods will give you the freedom of choice when it comes to materials, designs, colours and picking the right hood to match the outfit you decide to wear for a session.